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Appalled, alarmed, fed up with the chaos of the Trump administration and with those in the GOP who have let the president continue unchecked, including the 5th Congressional District incumbent, Wilson filed for the House of Representative seat currently held by McMorris Rodgers.

Dave Wilson says, “McMorris Rodgers has not stood up to this reckless president.  She, like other members of the GOP is intimidated and afraid of the bully in the White House, remaining silent while Donald Trump creates chaos and division. I will not accept two more years of the same.  I am prepared to do battle to end this chaos and uncertainty. There is no middle ground.”

WILSON’S CALL to ACTION: We are in desperate times and enough is enough.  Do not resign yourselves to the current circumstances.  Donald Trump nor McMorris Rodgers are going to change, but we can.  Seize this moment of history and support the change that is coming.

Now is the time for political courage and leadership, to get us out of this mess – over 120,000 and counting, dead from a virus that Donald Trump called a hoax,  an economy in the tank, more than 30 million unemployed, business closures like we have never seen, the awful truths we must unflinchingly face about racism, police oversight reform, and the chaotic uncertainty brought to us by an unchecked Trump administration – with more of same coming if we do not change course. 

Guided by our American values of opportunity, prosperity, and equity we will act to restore sanity and order to a chaotic federal government. 

Wilson was born and raised in the Mid-West where he attended college and learned the value of responsibility, integrity, and hard work.  He came to Spokane in the early eighties, making it his home.  He started a successful business, Interface Computer School, met his wife Linda, raised a family, and has given back to the community through service on boards, and as a coach and founding member of People for Effective Government (PEG).  Dave is an enthusiastic fan of Gonzaga women and men basketball and the Seattle Seahawks.

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